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We are a consultancy that helps our clients with timeshare contract issues. We have a specialist in-house team to assist clients in relinquishing unwanted timeshare contracts and hefty maintenance fees. With over 20 years combined experience of timeshare products and trading since 2015 we at Carl James Associates are well positioned to help. At Carl James Associates we pride ourselves on setting realistic expectations giving the correct advice and delivering a service that gives our clients freedom and peace of mind.

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Our Timeshare Services

At Carl James Associates, we provide a free consultation to run through the details of your case and provide advice on whether you have been mis-sold your timeshare.

We help in these circumstances:


Mis-sold Timeshare Products


You are unable to afford your Timeshare Contract


The Timeshare contract is unfair e.g. in perpetuity clauses


Your Timeshare provider has added additional or excessive maintenance fees


The Timeshare contract you signed has had the conditions changed


You were Pressured to buy or to upgrade


Other Timeshare scenarios that Carl James Associates can assist with:


Timeshare Exit, Timeshare Dispute Resolution, Cancel Timeshare Contracts, Sold Points Systems, Fractional Ownerships, Floating or Fixed Week Ownerships, Holiday Clubs,

Timeshare Exit

At Carl James Associates, we provide a free consultation which allows us to assess the details of your case and provide advice on the best way to proceed.
Once we have assessed your case you will have the option to instruct us to act on your behalf.
You can choose to pay upfront or when the exit of the unwanted ownership is achieved, we will give you both options.


At Carl James Associates, we’ve helped hundreds of clients to exit from unfair and unwanted Timeshare contracts.


Contact us today to find out if we can do the same for you.


Timeshare Dispute Resolution

At Carl James Associates, we provide a free consultation to run through the details of your case and provide advice on whether you have a valid grievance.
We focus on resolution as opposed to litigation, and our goal is to get your case resolved before going to court. In most cases, the timeshare company will agree to release the customer, instead of risking an adverse court decision.


It is our goal to free you from your timeshare burden. Once complete you can get on with enjoying the rest of your life and holidaying at your leisure again.

Cancel Timeshare Contracts

Timeshare agreements are usually a very complex legal document. This means it is vital that you seek out the best advice and the correct stance for terminating the timeshare are utilised.
Carl James Associates are experts in timeshare. We offer our services at a fixed-priced fee. We assist in resolving your timeshare issues without you having to concern yourself with spiralling costs.

Timeshare Problems

At Carl James Associates, we provide a free consultation to run through the details of your case and provide advice on whether you have a legitimate grievance.
So, we will help you exit your timeshare agreement realistically managing your expectations. We offer a full money back guarantee, if you are not released legally from your timeshare contract.

Expert Timeshare Relinquishment

When things go wrong, it can be upsetting, and difficult to know who to turn to.
With many companies focusing on a quick turnaround as opposed to the needs of the consumer, there is often a lack of care. We also advise caution when speaking to companies that offer no win no fee as their lure, it is quite absurd to think a company will offer a service without a charge. If you still own a timeshare contract you will be asked to pay tens of thousands of pounds to extricate you from your ownership. This can leave you with hefty fees and representation that is less than required.


Carl James Associates will make sure your case is handled in the correct manner by our in-house relinquishment contract specialists.


Carl James Associates – At the cutting edge of dispute resolution for timeshare – we focus on low costs, high efficiency and clarity – we make the whole process as stress free as possible.


Carl James Associates: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Carl James Associates Solicitors?

Carl James Associates are a timeshare contract specialist consultancy, we are not solicitors. We use our in-house team to relinquish your ownership we specialise in resolving contractual disputes with timeshare companies to relinquish unwanted ownership; we have an impeccable record on delivery of this service. We also use legal executives’ dependant on the complexity of the timeshare contract. This method helps to keep the cost of the relinquishment down and most importantly by contracting with Carl James Associates we offer a money back guarantee if the unwanted ownership has not been successfully relinquished in a 12-month period for European timeshare and 24-months for American, Mexican, Caribbean and Thailand contracts. If you contract directly with a solicitor and you are unsuccessful with the relinquishment of your timeshare ownership you will still be invoiced for the work the solicitor does. High street solicitors specialise in their own areas of UK law for example family law, employment law and conveyancing etc. We have had solicitors who have come to Carl James Associates for timeshare contract advice.

2. Can we get this service anywhere else cheaper?

Timeshare contract law is extremely complex. Cases involve a lot of man hours on average 40-50 hours work in most cases. A high street solicitor may charge you many billable hours just to try and learn about timeshare law before they could attempt to help you. Carl James Associates since 2015 have grown to be one of the largest and most successful companies of its kind. We complete many cases within 4-6 months. We see many timeshare owners who have tried to relinquish their timeshare previously, using cheaper company’s and they have found the work has simply not been done. It is always important that you do due-diligence and ensure your consumer rights are protected when entering agreements involving timeshare contract disputes.

3. What happens if you can’t relinquish me from my timeshare contract?

There is a full Money back guarantee if we fail to relinquish you from your timeshare contract.

4. Can I claim compensation?

We at Carl James Associates pride ourselves on giving the right advice and managing our client’s expectations. With this mind as of the 1st of April 2019 it is illegal for a company to pursue a s.75 claim or a consumer credit claim for you without being FCA regulated. We will refer any claim to our FCA regulated partners, and they will discuss in detail if you have a valid claim which means you are getting the correct advice. Many companies have advised clients of court cases in Spain and the chance to get money back, even giving the clients a value as to how much they would get clients have spent many thousands of pounds on these promises, however if in principle you win it has become apparent that very few people have ever had a pay-out from these judgements and invariable still have not resolved the timeshare ownership issue. 

5. What should I do if my resort contacts me?

Advise the person who contacted you that you have instructed legal representation and cannot discuss the matter further. Call to advise your Senior Client Liaison Officer that you received a call if you could get the name of the person who called and their position and pass this to us as well. We will then take the appropriate action.

6. Whilst my relinquishment is in process, what should I do if I receive a cold call from another company?

GDPR regulations changed on the 28th of May 2018. You will have to have opted in to receive calls from these companies. If you receive a call from these companies get the name of the representative calling you and take note of the number, they called on. Call your senior client liaison officer and we will take the details. THEY SHOULD NOT BE CALLING YOU. Carl James Associates are GDPR compliant all our staff have completed GDPR examinations. Unsolicited calls from companies should be answered with caution and hung up on immediately.

7. My resort will take back my ownership: why should I use your services?

Some resorts will allow ownerships to be returned, either free of charge or with a set fee. Some resorts will try to upgrade your timeshare to another product and state that this will reduce the term of ownership these options can cost many thousands of pounds and will have very few guarantees in relation to the end of the timeshare contract. When signing your ownership back to the resort, there will often be a clause within the agreement that waives your right to pursue a claim for any compensation, if you are still paying a finance agreement then extreme caution is advised as if you have agreed to hand back to the resort you will have to continue paying the finance and you have waived your right to pursue a consumer claim. The resorts know that their contracts may be vulnerable to consumer credit claims, therefore they will be more than happy for you to sign this agreement. It is also important to read the terminology of the resort taking back a timeshare and we would urge clients to question terminology such as suspension of membership. We do advise that you speak to your resort in the first instance to explore if an amicable and full legal relinquishment can be granted if this is not the case then you will need professional help.


Carl James Associates have been very public about the do’s and don’ts’ of engaging in this type of service. We have written advertorials for The Times newspaper and also, we have advertised Nationwide in the Press ranging from The Times, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, The Mirror and TV Times we have put a very frank message out there to help protect consumers. Below is our advice:


  • Never pay out money for the service on the day
  • Always speak to the relinquishment specialists who will be representing you before parting with any money.
  • Do not engage a relinquishment service if they have guaranteed a refund of compensation.
  • Only use FCA regulated companies to pursue compensation claims.

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Contact us today to find out if we can do the same for you.
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